Goals (Part1)

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy New Year! As this new year comes in, I can't help but think of all the new things added to my to-do list and everything I want to accomplish (1) spiritualy (2) marriage/family (3) career (4) life
I feel like in my life category fits everything else, health, things I am passionate about, house etc.  I do get super overwhelmed with all the different things that I want to do vs. have to do and the in-betwen, so last year I started creating lists, and breaking things down by smaller weekly goals, which was helpful and useful, but I fell off the wagon mid-way through the year, so I didn't finish using it all year long.  This year, I got a new journal system in-hopes of helping with keeping this goal consistent.  Have you heard of bullet journaling?  If not, look it up, do some research, its pretty cool and I think motivating to keep up to date with goals and accomplishments.  I will be using bullet journaling to keep track of my goals and keep me accountable!  Next time, I'll share more of what my own bullet journaling looks like and what are some of my long term goals this year (short term too!) they are all important in my book!

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