New Month ... FEBRUARY

Monday, February 15, 2016

So, January was a pretty successful, healthy eating month! I definetely have buckled down and have been making better conscious choices of what I eat on a day-to-day basis.  I must say that I am proud of myself! Yes! Where I am slacking a bit is taking time out for myself to 1) workout and 2) finding that quiet time to be still January was super busy with a whole bunch of things to do, events to plan, places to be, sick little ones, holiday parties, doctor appointment, late clients and planning, planning, planning for different ventures! I love keeping busy, I really do, but sometimes, well mostly ALL the time, I definetely take on a lot more than I should! Maybe its the American way of living where you have to feel busy all the time and fill your entire schedule up, but I also feel like I am not being productive and become kind of anxious and maybe depressed if I sit at home doing "nothing".  February just started! Plans for this month are to get a few more workouts in, me time, boys time, definetely, absolutely God time (which I make time for daily, but I feel that its not enough because it usually isn't, and He is too good to me and my family for me not to spend way more time with him!) and overall family time with my loved ones (friends included).  I have to buckle down on my planning and be more conscious of how I plan my days/weekends and see what else I can find not to add to my ongoing to do list! I also want to focus on journaling a lot more! So as you can see, I have my work cut out for the month! Not impossible, but a little chaotic! O.k. that's all for now! See how I make out this next week!

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