Wednesday, December 28, 2016

   New Year's can be a time to re-focus and apply yourself to what it is that you really may want to do.  A few year's ago, I stopped making "resolutions" and being more realistic about what goal I have for the next year, setting some time lines and due dates to help with accountability and be able to accomplish more with the way I have approached it.  I recently read an article on The Chopra Center  ( on five alternatives to resolutions, which I thought was wonderful! The article highlighted several things that we can do to help with those goals and help us stay motivated and focus ( we all know how difficult this can be from time to time).  

Here are their 5 alternatives:

1) Schedule a Quarterly Retreat 
         - Scheduling time for YOU! A retreat is a great way to reconnect with yourself and be away from minimal distractions.  A must to try in the New Year!

2) Identify Your People
        -  We often focus on trying "new"things, and committing to something new, but why can't we focus on reconnecting with those in our lives, family, friends, acquaintances? Setup coffee dates, lunch dates, weekend trips, and possibly explore the city.

3) Process the Past Year
          - Reflection on the past is often a good way to know where to go in the future.  We will make mistakes, problem solve incorrectly, focus our time & energy on unnecessary people/things, but we MUST learn from our mistakes, learn from our past and embrace our NOW, our FUTURE! Mediate, look for guidance, pray and seek direction.

4) Express Gratitude
         - Gratitude helps with grounding us, helping us be more self-aware and conscious of what we have, what we are looking for and where we want to go.  Be mindful of who and what you are grateful and set your intent to do this often, daily.

5) Give Yourself the Year Off (my personal favorite)
           - We are always looking for something to "change",  to make better; be conscious of your space and being comfortable of who you are, where you are, and what you have accomplished.  It is great to want to grow, but first be present in the moment and embrace who you are through your beginning, middle, and end, it is the JOURNEY  that helps us grow.

Let this be YOUR YEAR!

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