21-Day Challenge and Iaso Tea Review

Sunday, January 29, 2017

So as the 21-day challenge is starting to wrap up, I wanted to share my experience with Iaso Tea.  The tea is made to help with digestion and with cleanse you out of toxins in addition to help with weight-loss.  So a few things about the tea:

  • The tea taste ok, there is no need to add any sugar or honey to sweetened and its not difficult to to drink
  • You can use the tea bags afterwards--> you can add to your meal that you are cooking
  • 2 tea bags makes enough for about 5-6 days worth of tea
After the two weeks, I did feel less bloated and able to digest better.  Overall, I typically have some bloating issues after eating and not feeling comfortable, but I do believe the tea was helpful.  I also felt like the first week was more effective than the second, I am not sure if this was more of my body adjusting to the tea and "settling"in my body.  I did enjoy the tea and may try different forms of "detox teas"in the future.  I'll come back with an update on how much weight I lost in the 3 weeks. 

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