To Share or Not To Share.... That is the Question

Sunday, January 1, 2017

To Share or Not to Share 

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope everyone was able to celebrate their New Year's with their loved ones, making new memories to remember for a lifetime.   Interesting title to this post, right?  Well, I am kind of a private person and I really want to be able to keep myself accountable for what I do and what I have set out to accomplish ( or even work on).  This post is dedicated to my top 5 GOALS for the New Year! I wrestled with the idea of putting them out for the "whole world"to see, but I think that overall this can be a helpful for me and hopefully MOTIVATE others too!

** 5 GOALS FOR 2017 **

  • Grow Spiritually--> I want to be closer to God, build on my relationship with Him, teach my boys the right ways, and be able to continue fulfilling my purpose in life.  Read the bible more, pray harder & smarter, and be more purposeful with my intentions.  
  • Healthy Mind & Body --> So cliche, I know, but I truly want to be able to incorporate more self-care in my life and in the lives of my family.  This can be more reading, more journaling, more time to be in a mindful state.  I do not LOVE working out, but I will make an effort to move my body, so if I have to continue changing up my routines, I will. This also goes into my eating habits... I am not one to stick to "fad diets"but I will continue to make a conscious effort to be mindful of what I put in my body.  
  • Finish --> I have so many ideas and start many of them, but I don't always get to finish everything, so I plan on committing to finishing whatever I start; books, projects, organizing, cooking, business ventures and many more!
  • Financial Stability--> I may not be able conquer this completely, I do plan on "Getting Real" with my finances and arriving to a place where I know exactly what I have, where I have it, where I need to grow, and plan for everything that requires money (which are many!)
  • Consistency, Stability, Drive --> While I LOVE my career and what I do for work (all the different things that I do!)  I want to have a more clear direction of what I want to do for the rest of my life, this will come with prayer, meditation and determination, so I plan on making this part of daily reflections.  

In the next week, I plan on working on a vision board to have it more visible! Will do a post with the process and final product! 

Until next time! Happy New Year!


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