Nor'easter What?!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Oh New England, how I love you! Well, sometimes! We got hit with a pretty big Snow Storm AKA Blizzard status, and it cancelled schools for 2 days (YAY!) and shut down most of the state... While most people do not enjoy the snow, I am one to appreciate those little gifts from God that we are gifted (like a little extra time off)  My boys are definitely enjoying their time home and being able to eat and watch whatever they want (usually, I am a little schedule manic and want them to do certain things before they are rewarded with some TV time, but I have been a little under the weather and kind of have let them "run the house" these last few days).  They did go outside and play and were having lots of fun for an hour or so.... They also got to do bath/showers early so we didn't have to worry about it before bedtime! Overall, I call that a pretty productive day! I also did something that I haven't done in awhile.... I made some cupcakes, semi-homemade, the frosting is store bought **only because I didn't have all the ingredients for it** but they are super delicious! I'll link the recipe at the bottom (which I got from Pinterest) and was super quick and easy! Well I hope everyone in this area was able to spend more quality time at home and those outside of this area maybe your enjoying the nice, warm weather 😉  <-- **confession, I am an emoji junkie** 

Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting

Cupcake Recipe 

The Boys in the backyard filled with SNOW!

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