**Quick Review**

Friday, February 10, 2017

Quick review on my newest "gadget"! Well it's not really a gadget but just a useful thing that many can benefit from! So I suffer from headaches/migraines, some go away easy while others require a little more TLC.  I have been wanting to get one of these lovely sleep mask's that help with keeping any light out, something that I really need when I am in the middle of these migraines.... I recently ordered the Amazker Contoured Sleep Mask and it has been quite amazing! It really works well to keep any light out, it came with ear plugs and a little carry bag, and will definitely be a useful little addition to my night routine (since I have a terrible habit of sleeping with the TV on and this sometimes cause some of my headaches to come on).

I really just wanted to share my great experience with the mask and how it has been a helpful way to treat headaches, and get a really goodnight sleep!

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