**New month, new goals**

Friday, October 6, 2017


                                        One of my favorite times in the year is Fall! 

I love pumpkin EVERYThInG, and living in New England makes it so easy to enjoy the season changed! October is also one of my favorite months as its my oldest birthday, is Hispanic Heritage month, Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Domestic Violence Awareness month.  There's is also Halloween which we don't celebrate, but we celebrate the season changes and dress up in honor of play.  A new month also brings the opportunity to "reset" and take a look at your current goals, what you are working on and your plan to execute this.  Since being home with the twins, I have had little time to really look into my current goals, any parent with newborn(s) will understand the struggle and the fact that I am sort of working towards survival everyday.  It has gotten better, but there are still sleepless nights/days, cranky babies, and a whole family to prepare and setup for.  My current goals are 1) to get 2-3 hours of uninterrupted sleep per day 2) keep a semi-decent home 3) making sure the rest of the family is doing ok (they are fed, clean clothes, bathe, bills are paid, homework is done) is pretty basic ya'll! Would love to hear what goals you are working on this month and your plan to achieve them!


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