Surviving the Holidays

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Besides Fall, one of my other favorite times of the year is celebrating the holidays! I enjoy spending time with family and hubby is typically home for a longer period of time (YAY!), believe it or not I enjoy having my husband at home, not only to help with the chaos of our tribe, but to have somewhat insightful conversations and discuss life and our goals.  So as far as what to do for the holidays I have decided to continue hosting them at our house. 

A couple of reasons why:
1) I enjoy cooking and doing things kind of my own way
2) I like to eat at a certain time, so waiting for someone to tell me when to have dinner is not fun (Thanksgiving, Christmas, NYE etc)
3) I have newborn twins (3.5 months old) that are on their own schedule
4) I have 4 kids (all boys and full of energy!) I can keep everyone contained when I am home, but when we are out that's a totally different story

Photo Cred: Country Living

My advice, do what is best for you and your family and what makes things easiest for everyone.  If you are cooking, like me, with little ones in the home, try to prep as much as you can the night before.  I'll be making our  mashed potatoes, stuffing, and desserts the night before.  Also try to keep your kiddos on a similar schedule (no one will be there when s**t hits the fan and they are all over the place!) And lastly, ENJOY yourself!  Everything I am doing is because I enjoy it and I love it! I am excited because it is the twins first holiday season and excited for them to partake in our family traditions. 

Photo Cred: Amazing Rachel with Love Mission Photography

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