Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Alright guys, lets talk about some self-care.  I mean as a mom of 4, I know first hand how often I neglect my own needs and barely have 5 minutes to myself on a daily basis.  I am working on a more effective and enjoyable way to incorporate some ME time on a day to day basis.  Self-care is so important to everyone's mental health and overall wellbeing.  I am working on a weekly goal of getting at least 30 minutes all to myself.  So far this week, I have been able to accomplish that, but who knows it that will be the case next week or the week after.  Its kind of funny that as I am sitting here writing this blog, I am multitasking, like seriously! I am currently pumping and trying to rock one of the twins to sleep.  Its a challenge, I am not going to lie, but I am determined to make some "me" time happen.  Also, we are in the middle of a busy holiday season, which brings on a lot of stress and not being able to give yourself some TLC can definitely set the tone for a stressful holiday time.  So what does your self-care look like?  My go-to's are below :)

  • Bubble Bath with a nice glass of wine

  • Pedicures

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  • Reading a good book

Coloring is an AWESOME and fun stress reliever!

  • Coloring (be on the lookout for my giveaway! Follow me on INSTAGRAM

  • Cooking
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  • Baking --> I love baking with my boys! They get a special treat and I get to spend time with them!

  • Watch a good movie

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