What about your 30s?

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

O.k. so honestly, by the time I turned 30 I thought I would have everything figured out, like my family, my career and whatever else came my way.... well I was slightly mistaken! I am 32 and I am still trying to figure things out.  I mean I did everything that society tells me I should do (like go to college, grad school, bought a house, got married, have kids etc), and I sometimes feel unfulfilled in my life,
it is more in my career area because in my home life I am VERY blessed and feel extremely lucky! I have a wonderful husband who LOVES and CARES about us sooo much and my boys are amazing (not perfect but amazing :) but NO ONE is perfect and we all should know that! Anyways as the years have gone by I have been soul searching for what type of work would fulfill me and excite me everyday... I worked as a school counselor at a private school and I truly LOVE the kids and the work, but I always wanted to do more reach a bigger audience --per se -- and I have been working on some of this, this last couple of years.  I started a non-profit back in 2013 and it has been growing, I am still building on our team, but it is a wonderful thing! I have started several small scale businesses and now I think that I am working towards my true calling (I HOPE! LOL) I enjoy and truly love helping others, it excites me, I want to do it everyday and I pray that I am able to! I will be officially launching my Coaching business in 2018! I am so nervous and excited but I feel it in my heart and soul that this is the way to go! I am also going to publish my 2 books! I am currently working on my second one right now but it will be done by Fall 2018.  (More info to come on these books) and I will continue to nurture my family as much as possible.  I am not disappointed that I did not have it all figure out by my 30s, and I don't think that there will be an end all be all type of GOAL, I am just following what my heart and soul feel its best and what God puts in my heart and soul to flourish.  

Bottom line is if you don't have it all figure out by X age (whatever your goal has been), its o.k. there's always an opportunity to change and try something new, follow your passions, your calling, I know I AM!

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  1. Samary, this is very insightful and inspiring! Good luck to you! I cannot wait to witness your success!


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