February Self-Love Challenge

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

February is like almost here! Can you believe it?? Well ever since I can remember, February has been the month of LOVE, showing love and appreciation to your loved ones, significant other and just an overall appreciation for those in your life. 
As the years go by, I have realized, more and more, that we often give so much of ourselves to others but don't give ourselves the time, the love, and care we deserve! So I am in the business of empowering, building confidence, self-esteem and just overall self-love, and I am inspired to challenge all of us to a 14 Day Self-Love Challenge! We can all work together to motivate each other in taking care of us first before we can give to others.  

When sharing on social media TAG me by using hashtag #p2pselflove 

Start your FEBRUARY right! Appreciate YOURSELF so others can appreciate YOU!

Can't wait to see everyone sharing their Self-Love!

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