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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Feelings and emotions can be hard! I mean one minute you can be happy and the next you feel like the world is going to end.  Situations and circumstances can make us feel like we are not in control of ourselves, but GUESS WHAT?! You ARE! Do not let a work situation, your husband or significant other, a friend, your kids, or anyone else control YOUR feelings! Stay in control! It's hard! I know! It takes practice, but it is totally worth it to know that you are the only one in control of your feelings.  Know what else?  Your emotions are TEMPORARY.  You will only feel that way for a few minutes, maybe hours, but that moment will change and your emotions will too, so why ruin your day, your time and let others take space in your mind, your soul. 

 Remember, its TEMPORARY! Funny story, my twins are a great example of this.... They will cry and fuss and be upset until I feed them, change them, etc, and then they are happy and excited! I changed their situation (because they are too young to do this themselves!), but once I did their emotions changed.  How awesome is it that YOU can do the same! 

 Everyday, I encourage you to be in your best feeling and if someone or something tries to take that from you, DO.NOT.LET.THEM. You are in control, say it with me "I AM IN CONTROL"!

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  1. love the point about the babies. simple things can change our mindset when we need it to be different.

  2. This is something I struggle with. I often find myself disappointed and/or angered by interactions with or actions of others. I am working on this but not having much success.

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  4. The more I focus on what I can do for myself, the better my life is!!! And I've recently been advised that ANYTIME I feel like "he did this" or " she did that" to literally replace he/she with "I did that to myself" and see what healing can be done. It takes practice, but I'm learning from it, for sure!

  5. Very true about feelings/emotions being temporary. :)

  6. Love the idea of “change the situation” - we can do that ourselves! Even if it’s a small distraction like going for a quick walk, or browsing through a favorite magazine. It can be a real mood lifter or mood changer!

  7. I completely agree with you. Our emotions are fleeting and if we just focus on changing our situation or perspective, most of the time our emotions will follow suit. Great post!


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