You Are NOT Your Past!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Happy Autumn Everyone!

My Favorite season of the year! Sweaters and boots (and PUMPKIN everything!)

I have been working on several upcoming events/workshops and monthly meetings to share with everyone! Although EVERYTHING is not ready YET! I still wanted to share some thoughts that have been circling in my mind.

For starters, the last couple of months, heck the last 2 years have been quite a rollercoaster.  From my surprised twin pregnancy → bedrest → a NICU experience → leaving my full time position → fully launching my business AND now we are here.  All these changes and experiences have evoked a number of emotions (good ones and some other not good ones) BUT through it all I have had to have a strong faith (relying in my number one source, GOD) and also have had to stay grounded (the best way I could).

Some of these emotions brought me back to my past.  I don't always share about my past, past.  It's not that I am ashamed of it, but more of me not wanting to go back to that place and those experiences.  Like many, my childhood was quite interesting! It was filled with instability and uncertainty that caused much anxiety and insecurities as I grew older.  I have learned coping skills and ways to continue to move pass my past and not be stuck reliving that moment, those experiences.  


I am advocate for change.  Change in the right direction is great! If you take a wrong turn, is NOT the end of the world but just an experience that you take a lesson from and keep moving. 

Our past, our experiences DO NOT define who we are! We are in full control of how we move forward.  It's all about your mindset + your reality.  Most importantly is how you move forward.  

Your FUTURE is in YOUR Hands


Speaking of MINDSET, I recently listened to a podcast,  Hey Girlfriend., by Jessica, from Babe and Her Boys.

In the podcast she shared about a recent event/workshop she attended; the experience she had with the event + an activity they practiced.
The facilitator asked them to practice replacing 
WANT with DESIRE!  Why? Well because when you say / write / share a desire your tone and attitude towards it changes VS. when you say want --you are already setting the tone to it not happening.

Let's practice:

"I want to help women find their voice"
"I desire to help women find their voice"

You see the difference?  It's amazing what a word can do for your CONFIDENCE, for your MINDSET

I am going to challenge you! Every time you journal, speak to someone about something your want, or think about what you want, replace it with desire
Sometimes we need help to start changing our mindset, if you are feeling stuck, don't hesitate to reach out! Reply to this email or send me a message on social media (whatever works for you!) I am here to help you get to where you want to be!

I have something that can help you get started with your MINDSET!
I created these really cool Affirmation Stickers! 
I am giving them away for FREE! 
So serious! They are free! 
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(It's just a little way to help you / others be motivated and inspired)


One more thing! I LOVE creating Vision Boards! It's a way to narrow down your thoughts and set your goals! BUT often we make vision boards without an Action Plan to go along with it. 

Sooo, I SUPER EXCITED to share our upcoming



** Dates will be released in the next week** 

Stay tuned to your email + our social media!

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It's going to be AWESOME!

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