F.E.A.R. Controlling Your Life?

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

What would you do if you were  NOT AFRAID?  If you were guaranteed that you will NOT FAIL? Seriously, think about it... how would you pursue in your life?  What would you work on? What would you leave behind?

Often, we live our lives scared, worried about what can happen if we don't accomplish something, OR if we don't succeed?  Well, I stopped living my life in fear.  God did not intend for you to be afraid of going after your desires (after all He placed them in YOUR heart for a reason!) So how do you get past your fears?  How do you overcome this overwhelming feeling of wanting to leave everything behind and running?  YOU face them! You name them.  You know who & what they are, where they come from and then YOU WILL   take their power away EACH + EVERY DAY! 

I am so serious! Practice. Everyday.  Do Not Let these fears be in control of your life.  Do Not let them dictate your day.  You MUST take their power away.  The faster you do this, the faster you can start living the way you want to, the way you desire & the way you deserve. 

Life can be short.  Why not go after what you truly want? Why not pursue what your heart truly desires, your passion, your purpose?
Make everyday count! Take advantage and be thankful of this amazing blessing you have been gifted, your life.
Speaking of gift, if you follow me on Instagram, then you know I joined an amazing group of women, who are all coming together to bring you 12 Mini "InstaCoaching"  through #12daysofcoaching2018 
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