New Year, New Goals?!?

Friday, January 18, 2019

Happy New Year!!!

How amazing! We have celebrated another year! So thankful to be here and be able to continue working on my goals, creating new ones and being present in this moment.

So, how are you doing with your goals? As a therapist and coach, one of the ways I help my clients stay motivated in the new year is being clear on what they want, what they want to accomplish and staying FOCUSED! I’ll be honest, the New Year, New Goals, New Me typically fades away after February, maybe March.  Ones it fades, we get discouraged, we lose motivation and even forget the actual goal we wanted to accomplish.

So what are the best ways to stay motivated and focused on your goals?  Well the first thing I always recommend is having accountability. If you are good doing this on your own, AWESOME! For many this is a challenge.  I recommend having an accountability partner, a friend, family, coach, mentor that can hold you accountable. Your accountability partner should be someone who is not trying to sugar coat things for you, someone who will not be afraid to hold you accountable when you are not working to your potential— ya know>?

Next, I encourage writing things down.  Whether is through journaling or keeping a daily checklist, whatever works for you.  Writing your goals, your daily victories and daily challenges can help you see your trajectory better.  Seeing these on paper will give you a better perspective to where you have been, where you are, and where you are going.

Just like an accountability partner, I suggest a team, those who are around you, your squad.  While these may not be the same as your accountability partner, these are your main supporters, like fans in the stand cheering for you, or the cheerleaders cheering you on- they don’t always know your moves (play by play) but they know you want to WIN! And that’s all it matters!

My last one CELEBRATE!  Like journaling, celebrate your victories, celebrate your challenges (these are all opportunities to grow and perfect your plan).  Take yourself out to dinner, drinks, desserts, day trip— so many ways to celebrate— treat yourself every month to celebrate where you are! Be happy for your progress, any progress is worth celebrating. Remember that!

Don’t lose your motivation.  Your goals are important. They are valuable and worth of your pursuit.

haven't found your partner? someone who will keep you accountable?

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Holiday Stress + Last Minute Gift Guide

Sunday, December 16, 2018


The Holiday Season is in FULL EFFECT! Whether you celebrate & partake in the festivities or try to stay out of it, you can see it all around you, hear it everywhere and just feel the holiday vibes.  While this is a joyous occasion for many, it also can be an overwhelming and stressful time of the year for others.  Families reunite, tensions may rise, gift giving and money situations can be blown out of the water (and not always in a good way).  


A few tips on how to stay grounded these last few weeks in this year and really start your new year in positive, high spirits.

1) Don't over do it-- if there is something you want to attend, host, or purchase during this time, do it, BUT if you feel like you HAVE to go to that party and you HAVE to buy gifts for every single person you know, DON'T.... Do only what will make you happy, and while the holiday season is about giving and making sacrifices, it is also about keeping your mental health and feeling good about what you ARE choosing to do

2) Self-Care- Don't neglect yourself, take a break if you need to, do something good for yourself; whatever for of self-care that you enjoy and that it refuels + recharges you, do it

3) Routines-- O.k. I know routines can be boring etc etc but why not keep your routines (if you enjoy them) (similar to self-care) .... if you are used to working out 3-4x a week, why stop because the holidays are here, if you go and get coffee or partake in a happy hour once a week with a group of friends, why change that... keep your routines, these keep your mind at ease and not create possible anxious moments for yourself because of the unpredictability

4) Be Mindful-- Mindful of yourself, others celebrations and excitement, of your feelings and your behavior.  If you are or are not excited about something, its o.k. to share but what it is not o.k. is to be in mad or annoyed and project those feelings unto others

5)  Enjoy yourself-- Whatever you are choosing to do or not to do, enjoy it. Enjoy yourself, reflect on the times and the season, and just take that moment to ENJOY


If you are part-taking in some gift exchanging and have a coach, mentor in mind, here are a few last minute gift ideas:

* Gift Cards/ Certificates- a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, to Amazon, a favorite spa, Barnes and Nobles, or another similar store, office supplies,  a service they may use (like VA, printing place, etc)

* Planner- Every coach I know LOVES a good planner

* Workshop/Seminar/Class- have the been wanting to attend one, cover their admission/entrance fee

* Journal- We also LOVE journals ;) there are so many great ones out there and we love to use them! 

** The best gift you can always give them is REFERRALS! It does not cost you a thing! Share their business, their products, send potential clients/ customers to them **

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F.E.A.R. Controlling Your Life?

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

What would you do if you were  NOT AFRAID?  If you were guaranteed that you will NOT FAIL? Seriously, think about it... how would you pursue in your life?  What would you work on? What would you leave behind?

Often, we live our lives scared, worried about what can happen if we don't accomplish something, OR if we don't succeed?  Well, I stopped living my life in fear.  God did not intend for you to be afraid of going after your desires (after all He placed them in YOUR heart for a reason!) So how do you get past your fears?  How do you overcome this overwhelming feeling of wanting to leave everything behind and running?  YOU face them! You name them.  You know who & what they are, where they come from and then YOU WILL   take their power away EACH + EVERY DAY! 

I am so serious! Practice. Everyday.  Do Not Let these fears be in control of your life.  Do Not let them dictate your day.  You MUST take their power away.  The faster you do this, the faster you can start living the way you want to, the way you desire & the way you deserve. 

Life can be short.  Why not go after what you truly want? Why not pursue what your heart truly desires, your passion, your purpose?
Make everyday count! Take advantage and be thankful of this amazing blessing you have been gifted, your life.
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Being Grateful + Thankful

Monday, November 19, 2018

The holiday season is upon us! Whether or not you celebrate and partake in the festivities, this time of year definitely makes all of us more aware of what we have (+ maybe what we don't have), BUT most important, it helps us reflect and give us an opportunity to be grateful AND thankful.

I will be the first to admit, sometimes it is hard! It is hard to practice gratitude when things are not going our way, or when things around us seem all out of sorts.  BUT just like everything else, the more we practice it, the more we recognize what we have and how much we can be thankful for, the more we are able to see that cup half full versus half empty! Remember its all about your mindset and acknowledging the positive + good in our lives.  ALSO, the more we are able to express gratitude in our lives, the more you are allowing more positive things to enter your life.  Don't believe me? Try it! 

Start your daily gratitude list today! 

Write down 5 things your are grateful for today.
Now do the same tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after.

Make it a habit! But first, let's try to get through the first 5 days.

Need help getting started? 

I linked a quick video below that explains a little bit more on how to start your list (or journal).













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You Are NOT Your Past!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Happy Autumn Everyone!

My Favorite season of the year! Sweaters and boots (and PUMPKIN everything!)

I have been working on several upcoming events/workshops and monthly meetings to share with everyone! Although EVERYTHING is not ready YET! I still wanted to share some thoughts that have been circling in my mind.

For starters, the last couple of months, heck the last 2 years have been quite a rollercoaster.  From my surprised twin pregnancy → bedrest → a NICU experience → leaving my full time position → fully launching my business AND now we are here.  All these changes and experiences have evoked a number of emotions (good ones and some other not good ones) BUT through it all I have had to have a strong faith (relying in my number one source, GOD) and also have had to stay grounded (the best way I could).

Some of these emotions brought me back to my past.  I don't always share about my past, past.  It's not that I am ashamed of it, but more of me not wanting to go back to that place and those experiences.  Like many, my childhood was quite interesting! It was filled with instability and uncertainty that caused much anxiety and insecurities as I grew older.  I have learned coping skills and ways to continue to move pass my past and not be stuck reliving that moment, those experiences.  


I am advocate for change.  Change in the right direction is great! If you take a wrong turn, is NOT the end of the world but just an experience that you take a lesson from and keep moving. 

Our past, our experiences DO NOT define who we are! We are in full control of how we move forward.  It's all about your mindset + your reality.  Most importantly is how you move forward.  

Your FUTURE is in YOUR Hands


Speaking of MINDSET, I recently listened to a podcast,  Hey Girlfriend., by Jessica, from Babe and Her Boys.

In the podcast she shared about a recent event/workshop she attended; the experience she had with the event + an activity they practiced.
The facilitator asked them to practice replacing 
WANT with DESIRE!  Why? Well because when you say / write / share a desire your tone and attitude towards it changes VS. when you say want --you are already setting the tone to it not happening.

Let's practice:

"I want to help women find their voice"
"I desire to help women find their voice"

You see the difference?  It's amazing what a word can do for your CONFIDENCE, for your MINDSET

I am going to challenge you! Every time you journal, speak to someone about something your want, or think about what you want, replace it with desire
Sometimes we need help to start changing our mindset, if you are feeling stuck, don't hesitate to reach out! Reply to this email or send me a message on social media (whatever works for you!) I am here to help you get to where you want to be!

I have something that can help you get started with your MINDSET!
I created these really cool Affirmation Stickers! 
I am giving them away for FREE! 
So serious! They are free! 
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(It's just a little way to help you / others be motivated and inspired)


One more thing! I LOVE creating Vision Boards! It's a way to narrow down your thoughts and set your goals! BUT often we make vision boards without an Action Plan to go along with it. 

Sooo, I SUPER EXCITED to share our upcoming



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