I am Samary, Jesus ❤️, wife + momma of four.  
I am also a children's author, speaker and psychotherapist turned coach.  My love for coaching started after years of working with clients, who felt unfulfilled and dissatisfied with their lives.  I decided to shift my career from therapy into coaching this last year and focus more on helping individuals fuel their passions in life.

Living a life of unfulfillment, unmet goals and desires is NO way to live! Life is too precious to spend it unhappy, and this is why I started my coaching practice, followed my path to fulfill my purpose and am forever grateful to have the opportunity to help my clients do the same.  

I work with clients of all ages/backgrounds, but the universe continues to send me women, typically ages 25 and up, who are in need of my services.  I work one on one with my clients in re-defining their goals + put a plan into effect to achieve them.  

When I first started coaching, my focus was mainly life coaching.  As my business continued to evolve, I decided to include business/ nonprofit coaching to my clients (and must I say this has been AMAZING!)

The nonprofit world of Beauty is You, INC. is so awesome (and so much dedication + hard-work).  We focus on empowerment of girls, teens and women.  We want to educate and provide the appropriate tools to help them build confidence + self-esteem.  Beauty is You, INC. hosts several workshops and events in our community, and share our workshops with middle and high school students.  After starting Beauty is You, INC.  I was inspired to write a series of children's books.  The books communicate the same message the organization does + its a way to connect with our younger audience.    

I have been blessed with the opportunity to share my knowledge with others.  As a speaker, I focus on empowerment, goal-setting, and giving my audience a boost of inspiration + motivation.

SO,  this is me, what I do, my passion, my purpose.  If any of this resonates with you, REACH OUT! Let's connect, chat for a little bit, and find out if I can be of service to your needs.


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